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XpresWash Vehicle Identification System

Building Customer Loyalty and a Steady Revenue Stream

What is XpresWash?

XpresWash is a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) based vehicle identification and

car wash payment system.

  The system allows car wash operators to offer monthly or annual car wash programs.

Benefits of XpresWash

XpresWash allows the customer to get a car wash whenever and as often as they want, for one fixed price per month or per year. No cash or credit card is needed at the time of the wash. Because the XpresWash system utilizes RFID technology and vehicle specific RFID tags that are attached to the windshield, only a single vehicle can be washed with each tag. XpresWash is convenient for the customer and eliminates abuse for the car wash operator.

The XpresWash System

On site, the XpresWash system consists of a RFID antenna/ reader and a local controller/ computer housed in a weatherproof enclosure. A central server maintained by XpresSystems, Inc provides all billing, logging, and hosts the administrative website. The XpresWash system can also be used at one site or can be networked with multiple sites that also have the XpresWash System,